72" x 8.00" x 60,000# Cincinnati Slitting Line STOCK #2947



Stock #



Toledo, Ohio
United States


Equipped With

Capacity: 72" x 0.250" Mild Steel
Coil Weight: 60,000 lbs.
Coil I.D. Range: 20" - 24"
Coil O.D. Capacity: 72"
Line Direction: Left to Right
Consisting Of:
-Entry Turnstile:
  3 Arms
  Powered Rotation
-Entry Coil Car:
  Self-Contained Hydraulics
  Pendant Control
  Hydraulic Expansion
  Threading Drive
  Sliding Base
  Powered Holddown Roll
    Full Width Steel Roll w/Banding Slots
  Wichita Water Cooled Brake
  Water Cooler
-Peeler Table:
  Hydraulic Cylinder actuated in/out, up/down
-Entry Table:
  Entry Side Guides
  Entry Driven Pinch Rolls
  Thickness Gauge
  Entry Hydraulic Crop Shear; 72" x 0.250" Capacity
-(2) Slitter Heads:
  8" Diameter Arbors
  Crane Removal Type Heads
  Outboard Support travels in to approx. 48" for heavy gauge Slitting
  125 HP DC Motor, 1150/2000 RPM, 500 V
  In-Line Reducer
-(2) Scrap Winders:
  Oscillate Wind
  Powered Arbor Retraction for Scrap Ball Removal
  AC Motor Driven
-Pit Table:
-Tension Stand: Combination Pad and Roll Type: Coiltech
  Entry Separator Tooling Shaft
  Entry Passline Roll
  Tension Pad w/4 Hydraulic Cylinders for pressure
  2nd Separator Tooling Shaft
  Tension Rolls 
    Wichita Water Cooled Brake on Bottom Roll
    Hydraulic Motor for Threading Drive
  20" Diameter Drum
  Powered Clamp and Expansion
  Dual Direction Gripper
  Hydraulic Pushoff
  Overarm Separator
  200 HP DC Motor, 850/2550 RPM, 500 V, w/Blower
  Right Angle Reducer
-Exit Turnstile:
  (2) Arms
  40,000 lb. Capacity Each Arm
  C-Hook Type Arms
  Powered Rotation
  Hydraulic Pushoff
-Exit Coil Car:
  Self-Conatined Hydralics
  Pendant Control
-Main Operators Control Panel:
-Hydraulic Power Unit:
-Slitter Tooling:
  Knives, Spacers and Rubbers
Coil Banding Line: Pro Eco
  Right Angle Discharge
  Powered Conveyor Rolls
  Powered Horn in/out
  (2) Hydraulic Tilt Cylinders
-Conveyor Section:
  Powered Conveyor Rolls
-Banding Table:
  Powered Conveyor Rolls
  (3) Conical Turning Rolls
  Manual Hand Strapping Tool
-Exit Conveyor:
  (2) Sections
  Powered Conveyor Rolls
-Operators Control Panels:
-Line is installed and Under Power