48" x 4.75" x 20,000# Braner Slitting Line



Stock #

Very Good


Toledo, Ohio
United States


Max Width of Workpiece 48 inches

Equipped With

48" x 4.75" x 20,000lb Slitting Line
-48" Wide
-20,000 lb. Capacity
-Line Direction: Left to Right
Consisting of the following:
-Entry Coil Car: Progressive, New in 1993
  Model: 82493
  S/N: 2952
  "L" Type Design
  49" Wide Bed
  72" O.D. Capacity
  Approx. 9" from Floor to bottom of "V" Cradle
  Self-Contained Hydraulics
  Hand Pendant Control
  Retractable Cable Reel
  Overall Size: 80" L x 53" W x 61" High
-Mandrel Uncoiler: Braner
  (4) Segment Mandrel
  51" Face Mandrel
  Hydraulic Expansion Range: 15" - 20.5"
  Coil I.D. Range: 16" - 20"
  Sliding Base
  Hydraulic Motor Feedup w/Air Clutch
  Fawick Air Brake
  Passline: 51.5" from Floor to center of Mandrel
  Base Plate: 67" L - R x 78" F - B
  Overall Size: 161" L x 68" W x 78" High
-Slitter Head: New in 1985
  4.75" Dia. x 50" Face Arbors
  Outboard slides in to 24" wide
  Entry Passline Rolls
    4" Dia. x 56" Face
  Entry Side Guides
    Hydraulic Motor Adjustment
  Parallel Arbor Adjustment
  Hydraulic Motor Driven
  Passline: 38"
  Overall Size: 157" L x 48" W x 69" High
-(2) Scrap Winders:
  Manual Scrap Ball removal
  Air Motor Driven
  Less Oscillate Wind Assembly
-Pad Type Tension Stand: New in 1990
  Entry Catenary Rolls
  Entry Passline Rolls
    4" Dia. x 49.5" Face Width
  Entry Separator Tooling Bar
  (3) Air Cylinders for Pad Pressure
  Exit Passline Rolls
    6" Dia. x 50" Face Width
  Passline: Adjustable from 45" - 47"
  Overall Size: 65" L x 52" W x 70" High
  16" Dia. x 52" Face Drum
  Hydraulic Grip and Expand (Gripper Bar Missing)
  Hydraulic Pushoff
  Hydraulic Drive Motor
  Reducer w/12.5:1 ratio
  Passline: 26" from Floor to center of Drum
  Overall Size: 134" L x 68" W x 48" High
-Free Standing Overarm Separator:
  49.5" L Tooling Bar
  Air Cylinder Operated
  Overall Size: 70" L x 32" W x 75" High
-One Arm Turnstile:
  Manual Rotation
  Hydraulic Pushoff
  Self-Contained Hydraulics
-Main Operators Control Panel:
-Main Hydraulic Unit #1:
  For use with Slitter Head Drive
-Main Hydraulic Unit #2:
  For use with Recoiler Drive
  With Cooler

-(2) Additional Hydraulic Units:
-Slitter Tooling: