2.750" x 0.120" Yoder M-25 Tube Mill STOCK #2950



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Toledo, Ohio
United States


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Yoder M-25 Tube Mill
-Shaft Diameter: 2.5"
-Roll Space: 15"
-Maximum Tube Diameter: 3.125"
-Minimum Tube Diameter: 0.750"
-Maximum Wall: 0.139" Mild Steel
-Minimum Wall: 0.020" Mild Steel
-Hand of Operation: Right to Left
Note: Capacity limited to 2.750" Dia. x 0.120" Wall due to Alpha Cut-Off.
Consisting of the following:
-Mandrel Uncoiler: Perfecto
6,000 lb. Capacity
Hydraulic Expansion
Wichita Air Brake
Full Diameter Back Plate
15" x 20" Drum
-Guild Horizontal Accumulator:
Entry and Exit Bridles
-Finn Section 3 Stands with Side Rolls: Yoder
-Forming Section 4 Stands with Side Rolls: Yoder
-40 HP Reliance DC Motor with Controls for Forming and Finn Sections
1750/2100 RPM, 500 V
-Weld Area:
1-Tube Seam Guide with 2 Axis Adjustment
1-200 KW Solid State Welder
1-Weld Bead Scarfing Station
-Coolant Zone:
Coolant Zone with Full Quench
-Sizing Mill:
3 Driven Yoder M25 Sizing Stands with 2.5" Shafts (Single Point Adj)
3 Yoder Idle Sideroll Stands
1 ID Scarfing Stand
1 Turks Head
1 - 30 HP DC Main Motor
40 Ton Alpha Shear
Capacity" 2.75" Dia. x 0.120" Wall
Line Speed: 300 FPM
Length Control System
Runout Table and Drop Table
-Tooling for 2.190" Dia. Included