Welder, Heat Pressure, Hakusan STOCK # 2775

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Toledo, Ohio
United States


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Hakusan Heat Pressure Welder
Upset Butt Welder for Copper Stranded Wire
Wire Capacity: 80mm - 400mm Dia. (3.15" - 15.7")
Model:  BFY-19T 
Welding Stock:  CU Strand - 50 to 400mm2
Rated Power:  110 KVA
Max. Power:  447 KVA 
Max. Upsetting Force:  8Kn 
Max. Clamping Force:  5Kn
Machine is mounted to a steel skid
Tooling Box strapped to the skid 
J-Box and Power Cord
Machine is mounted to a steel skid with fork slots for easy moving.

Overall size
Length ............ 97"
Width ............. 67"
High .............. 66"
6,000 LBS.

Machine is ideally suited for copper wires that are required to have
high connection performance.
With the heat pressure welding process, which is a two-step upsetting type,
undesirable defects within the metal structure are eliminated when the
excess molten material is forced out from between the joining surfaces.
This assures unprecedented weld performance. In the case of copper wire
for electric applications, the weld section is less subject to the
formation of overheat zones, oxygen absorption or decrease in strength
compared to the conventional process. This is particularly useful in the
welding of oxygen free copper stock which must be protected against
oxygen absorption.