Tube Bender, Hairpin, Burr Oak

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Model: VBHB-M7-5

Feed: CFCL M3-2 Cutoff: MTCO M2-465 HL added in 1993 Individual S & S rolls added in 1988 Stripper tube protector and round oiler added in 1993 New switch tower and end expand attachment added in 1993. Minimum Bend Length: 9" Max. Bend Length: 84" full strip with coil load Standard 6 tube design Cylinder strip Special Options: Traveling rod support 1 piece Tube Collectors Two Strip Carts Special Features: Special extended base plate to allow roll away of feed section to allow for hand feed of 144" straight tube lengths. Vickers Hydraulic Components Allen Bradley Electric Components Power: 380 Volt / 3 Ph / 50 Cycle Equipped with Overhead Spiral Tube Feed System (must confirm) Tooling: (must confirm) 0.375" OD x 0.017" Wall x 1.000" Bend Center x 5 Tubes / cycle 0.500" OD x 0.016" Wall x 1.250" Bend Center x 4 Tubes / cycle 0.625" OD x 0.020" Wall x 40 mm (1.575") Bend Center x 3 Tubes / Cycle