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Toledo, Ohio
United States


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SES/Highlight Industries Coil Stretch Wrap Line
Consisting of:
-SES Motorized Conveyor Sections: (3) Sections
  58" W x 63" Long with 4" Dia. Rolls
  Each Section individually powered by AC Gearmotor
  Photo Electric Limit Switches
-Highlight Synergy 5 Stretch Wrapper:
  Power Hydro Stretch
  65" Wide x 7' Long Powered Conveyor
  Conveyor also has powered rotation.
  20,000# Coil Weight Capacity
   3 HP AC Gearmotor for rotation
  Separate AC Motor for Conveyor Rolls
  24" High Pass Line Height
  6' Vertical PVC Roll Head Travel
-Technical Description:
Synergy 5 High Speed Roper Automatic Turntable Stretch Wrapper
Model:  MCJ-14013
Serial No.: G509-097-14013
Mfg.: Highlight Industries
General System Information:
Dual Power Hydro-Stretch, a feature exclusive to Highlight Industries, Inc.
provides two independent levels of pre-stretch:  one for the bottom of the
product, the other for the rest of the product.  Over 70% of film breaks
occur at the bottom of the product where the product and pallet meet.  Dual
Power Hydro-Stretch allows you to set the pre-stretch level at the bottom of
the product independent of the pre-stretch level on the rest of the product.
This allows products to be wrapped tighter at higher stretch levels and at
lower costs.
Unlimited Film Stretch:
Dual Power Hydro-Stretch has the ability to stretch any gauge or any
quality of film to its ultimate stretch level.  The stretch level of the
Dual Power Hydro-Stretch is unlimited because it is not controlled by
gears or pulleys.  The flexibility of Dual Power Hydro-Stretch insures
that whatever films are available today or tomorrow can be used to their
maximum efficiency.
Film Force Control:
The film force applied to the product is also fully adjustable.  Any force
level, from a very light force to a very high force, can be applied to a
product independent of the pre-stretch level.  The pre-stretch level is
maintained even when film force levels are decreased.  Other older technology
systems suffer from inelastic strain recovery, which relaxes or gives back
30% to 70% of the pre-stretch of the film when light force is applied to the
product.  This problem of relaxing does not occur with the Highlight Dual
Power Hydro-Stretch.
Dancer Bar System:
The dancer bar system on the Dual Power Hydro-Stretch controls the force
to the product and applies it evenly around the product.  Other systems
increase and decrease the speed of the power feed downstream roller to
compensate for changes in film demand from the corners of the pallet.
The changing of the speed of the film feed to compensate for the corners
of the pallet increases and decreases the stretch level and is hard on the
film, possibly causing the film and applies it smoothly to the product. 
This dancer bar system also provides a visual reference to monitor the
force applied to the product.
Turntable System:
-3 HP 3 Phase AC Motor
-AC Frequency Drive with Acceleration and Deceleration Control
-12 RPM Turntable Maximum Speed
-20,000 lb. Capacity Conveyor - 30 FPM
Film Carriage / Elevator System:
-1 HP AC Carriage Drive Motor
-Top and Bottom Wrap Counters
-Dual Belt Elevator Lift
-Adjustable Raise and Lower Speeds
-Automatic Height Detection Photoelectric Sensor
-Adjustable Height Over-rides
Film Delivery System:
-Dual Powered Hydro-Stretch
-.75 HP 3 Phase AC Motor
-AC Frequency Drive with Acceleration and Deceleration Control
-Adjustable Film Pre-Stretch
-Adjustable Film Force
-10" Diameter Roll Capacity
-20" Height Roll Capacity
-Roping capable
Electrical Specifications:
-Electrical Service: 480 VAC 3 Phase, 30 Amp, 60 Hz.
-Air:  80 PSI, 3S CFM
-Nema-12 rated, free standing control panel
-Flexible conduit wire-ways
-JIC wiring standard
-Programmable Logic Controller Allen Bradley Micrologix 1400
-Industrial Nema-12 Push Button Operator Controls
-Maple Systems HM1520T Touch Screen Operator Controls
-Quick connect electrical connection
Operators Manual/Electrical Drawings included.