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Toledo, Ohio
United States


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Hunter Paint Line
Material:                              Aluminum 
Line Speed:                            125 FPM Min, 500 FPM Max.
Entry Section Speed:                   125 FPM Min, 650 FPM Max.
Exit Section Speed:                    125 FPM Min, 650 FPM Max.
Thread Speed:                          50 FPM Min, 150 FPM Max.
Strip Gauge:                           0.008" Min, 0.072" Max. 
Strip Width:                           30" Min, 60" Max.
Coil Weight:                           50,000 lbs.
Payoffs #1 and #2:                     80 HP 
Bridles #1, #2, #3, #3A and #4:        125 HP 
Rewind:                                150 HP 
Entry Coil O.D.:                       40" Min, 96" Max.
Exit Coil O.D.:                        96" Max.
Core:                                  20" ID x 22.5" OD x 84" L 
Line Tensions:   
Payoffs:                               1000 PSI 
Entry Accumulator:                     1500 PSI 
Ovens:                                 5500 PSI 
Exit Accumulator:                      1500 PSI 
Rewind:                                2000 PSI 
Unwinder:                              Dual Payoff 50,000 lb. Capacity 
Shears:                                Hydraulic Down Cut 
Bridles:                               Two Roll DC Driven 
Strip Accumulators:                    Hydraulic Floating Type with 450 Feet Storage
Cleaning & Rinsing:                    Caustic Cleaning and Water Rinse 
Conversion Coat:                       Chemical Dry-In-Place Coater 
Conversion Coat Drying:                Gas Fired Infrared Oven 
Prime Organic Film Curing Oven:        Recirculated Heat from after burner heat 
                                        recovery system, 4 zones.
Finish Organic Film Curing Oven:       Recirculated Heat from after burner heat 
                                        recovery system, 5 zones.
Film Thickness:                        Infrared Thickness Detection System 
Waxer, DOS Center:                     Roll Applied Waxer
Payout:                                Dual 20"/24" Payoff Mandrels 
Rewinder:                              One 16"/20" Winder Mandrel 
Coil Size Payout:                      20"/24" ID x 60" Wide x 98" OD 
Coil Size Rewind:                      16"/20" ID x 60" Wide x 96" OD 
Gauge:                                 0.072" 
Prime Coater:                          3 Roll Doubleheaded Reverse Roll.
                                       DC Driven Motor 
Finish Coater:                         2 Roll Doubleheaded Reverse Roll 
                                       Shuttle Hear (4 Heads) 
                                       Hydraulic Driven Motors 
Control System:                        GE 90-30 & Series 6 PLC's 
Drives:                                GE Drives 
Line is Installed