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Toledo, Ohio
United States


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Model A400
Two New Units Available
S/N: 051211A  is a 3" unit with 6" tooling & sleave, It will come with
 a used 3" gripper
                which should make it 3" & 6" capable.  $54,900.00
S/N: 051211B  is a 3" unit with 3" tooling & will come with a used 6" 
gripper but no 6" sleave
                to make it 3" and 6" capable with the addition of a 6"
 sleave. $49,900.00
Master core length:  96" max.
Capable of 1.5", 3" & 6" Cores dia.
High Speed Single Knife Cutting.  The A400 is Appletons Fastest Single
 Knife Re-Cutter, running up to 2 times faster than the A301 
This unit serves to rapidly cut batches of fiber cores of a given 
length with minimum operator labor And to cut heat sensitive and /or 
thick wallplastic tubes & tapes.
The A400 provides you with:
-       Faster cutting - the result of an improved hydraulic
system coupled with our fixed knife.
-       Clean, polished, cuts - the Appleton fixed knife slices
rather than saws or scores for a cleaner, faster cut.
-       Precise control- new valving results in a wider range of
operator adjustment offeed and cutting rates for optimal
-       Plastic cutting - with proper cutting tools the A400 can
cut a variety of plastics.
-       Expandability - theA400 is PLC equipped, making it ready
for automation options like the auto-indexing knife or
automated parent and cut core handling systems - freeing
your operators for other tasks.
-       Quick diameter changes - Five minutes for a mandrel
change, or less than one minute with our patented Instant
Diameter Change (IDC) mandrel system.
-       Energy Savings - the A400 has a timer that shuts down the
cutter if it has not been used for an operator settable
interval. This saves wear and tear on the cutter.
-       Improved safety - the cutter is running only when it is in
service, the knife is well guarded.
-       Service prompt - the A400 prompts the operator when it is
time to service the hydraulic filter.
Cut length range
 -5' to 8' in 1 foot increments.
'Note that core I.D.s under 3" limit machine length to 10'.
Core diameter range
,3" I.D. to 13" O.D.
'With options this range can be expanded down to 1" I.D.
and up to 21 " O.D.
Wall thickness
·1/4" to 5/8" (includes .660" cores)
'With options the wall thickness range can be expanded to
1/8" to 3/4". For heavier walls contact Appleton Mfg.
-       Minimum cut determined by core integrity (typically equal to wall 
-       Maximum length: Reference standard cut length in Appletons chart: 
Should be 60". Extended
       Max length 96"
-   Cut length tolerance
      ·±0.010" (3 sigma)
-   Utilities
       3 phase electrical power
       Voltage: 440V
       80 PSI Air
       1 scfm @ 50 cuts/minute, (cut rate, operator and core 
Hydraulic Power Unit: 3 HP, 230/460V.