96" x 0.375" x 40,000# Herr Voss Coil Cut To Length Line

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Materials: CRS, SS, Aluminum

Coil Width Range: 24" - 96"

Thickness Range @ 96": 0.125" - 0.375" Aluminum @ 35,000 PSI 0.125" - 0.250" Aluminum @ 55,000 PSI 0.125" - 0.312" SS @ 40,000 PSI 0.125" - 0.250" SS @ 70,000

PSI Maximum Shear: 50,000 PSI

Maximum Yield: 80,000 PSI

Maximum Coil Weight: 40,000 lbs.

Coil I.D.: 20" - 30"

Maximum Coil O.D.: 80"

Line Direction: Left to Right

Sheet Length: 24" - 50'

Max. Sheet Weight: Start / Stop

Line Speed: 0 - 100 FPM

Overall Line Dimensions: 40' Wide x 200' Long

Consisting of the following:

-Entry Coil Storage Saddles Five (5) Stations x 40,000# Each Station

-Entry Coil Lift Shallow Pit Mounted Powered lift

-Uncoiler Dual Stub Mandrel Type Powered Expansion/ each head AC Feed-up Drive/ one head Slide Base/ each head Eaton 224 Water Cooled Brake/ one head Paper Rewinder Water Chiller for brake

- Hiross -Entry Unit Holddown with Powered Snubber Roll Extending Blade Type Peeler

-Flattener- Voss Engineering Powered Entry Pinch Rolls (Top Adjustable) Entry Tail Roll (Idler) Seven (7) Work Rolls in a 3/4 Configuration (Top bank Adjustable with "Tilt" feature) 75 HP DC Motor (1750 RPM) Exit Tail Roll (Idler)

-Crop Shear Down-cut Type Entry Pass Line Roll (Rubber Coated) Lip Guard Exit Pass-line Roll (Rubber Coated) Scrap Cart

-Inspection Table

-Exit Guide Table Exit Cantenary Rolls Manual Centering Guides

-Scrap System Powered Entry Pinch Rolls (Top Roll is Rubber Coated) Dual Stub Side Trimmers (25 HP DC Motor/ Each Head) Dual Scrap Choppers (10HP DC Motor/ Each Head) Scrap Shute Powered Scrap Conveyor Feed Table to Leveler

-Precision Leveler Model: VKL LH PR 110/4.500-11/7, 5HI Powered Entry Pinch Rolls (Top Adjustable) Eleven (11) Work Rolls x 4.500" Diameter in a 5/6 Configuration Seven (7) Flights of Back-up Rolls (All Adjustable) 200HP DC Motor (500-1750RPM) Lincoln Lubrication System Machine Mounted Controls

-PVC/ Paper Applicator Entry Pinch Rolls (Idler/Rubber Coated) Paper Applicator Shaft with Static Bar Manual Centering Guides PVC Applicator Shaft Powered Exit Pinch Rolls (Rubber Coated) -Mechanical Shear

- Cincinnati Model: 4310 Serial: 28455 Bowtie Blade Lip Guard/Hold-down Arm Exit Belt Conveyor

-Reject/ Inspection Table Powered Twin Belt Conveyor Top (7') Powered Retraction "Kick-out" Rolls

-Carry-over Table/ Reject Stacker Powered Twin Belt Conveyor Top (13') Manual Side Discharge Stacker (7')

-Stacker "Bomb Bay" Type Powered Side Tampers with Single Sided "Flipper" Arms Powered Back Stop (50' Max. Length) Powered Lift Table Powered Side Discharge with Chain Conveyor Powered End Discharge

-Exit End Discharge Conveyor 50' Powered Conveyor

-Hydraulic Unit 50 HP AC Motor -AC/DC Control Cabinets (1991) Motion-Plus Digital Servo Controller SSD Ranger 5575 Controller Saftronics G3 AC SS Controller

-Operators Control Consoles Main Console with TPC Touch Screen Interface Aux. Control Consoles -Spares Spare Blades

- Crop Shear Spare Blades

- Cincinnati Shear One (1) Set of New Work Rolls

- Herr Voss Leveler One (1) Set of New Intermediate Rolls

- Herr Voss Leveler One (1) Set of New Back-up Rolls

- Herr Voss Leveler Large Lot of Misc. Spare Parts

- Mechanical, Electrical, Bearings, Belts, etc.

-Under Power