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72" x 9.00"/12.00" x 50,000# Paxson Slitting Line



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Toledo, Ohio
United States


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Materials:                     HRS, CRS, P & O 
Max. Coil Width:               Entry:  72" 
Min. Coil Width:               Entry:  12" 
Thickness Range:               0.020" - 0.187" (Head #1)
                               0.075" - 0.375" (Head #2) 
Max. Coil Weight:              50,000# 
Max. Shear:                    45,000 PSI 
Max. Yield:                    45,000 PSI 
Coil I.D.:                     Entry:  20" - 24" 
                               Exit:  20" & 24" 
Max. Coil O.D.:                72" 
Line Direction:                Right to Left 
Mode of Operation:             Driven 
Line Speed:                    400fpm
Consisting of the following:
-Entry Coil Car:  L & M 
  Year:  1999 
  Mast Type 
  Floor Mounted 
  Self Contained Hydraulics 
  Powered Lift and Traverse 
  Narrow Coil Retaining Slots 
  Pendant Control 
  Cable Reel 
  Single Mandrel Type 
  Hydraulic Expansion 
  "Pumpkin Tooth" Segments 
  Water Cooled Brake 
  Slide Base 
  Feedup Drive 
  Holddown with Powered Snubber Roll 
  Cooling System for Brake 
-Entry Unit:
  Extending Blade Type Peeler 
  Four (4) Roll Coil Breaker (8" Dia.)
  Powered Entry Side Guides 
  Inspection Table 
  Powered Exit Side Guides 
-Crop Shear:
  Down-cut Type 
  Powered Tamper Roll 
  Scrap Ramp 
  Scrap Cart 
-Slitter Base:
  Powered Entry Pinch Rolls, 10" Dia.
  Powered Entry Side Guides 
  Manually Adjustable Scrap Guides 
  H & S Gearbox w/62.31:1 ratio, .927 SF
  150 HP DC Motor, 1750/2000 RPM, 500V
-Two (2) Slitter Heads:
  Crane Removable Type
  Powered Outboard Retraction 
  Powered Top Arbor Adjust 
  Slitter Head #1:  9" Dia. Arbors 
  Slitter Head #2:  12" Dia. Arbors 
-Pit Section:
  Cross Over Table 
-Two (2) Scrap Winders:  Pro Eco
  Level Wind 
  Automatic Scrap Dump 
  0.500" x 1" Capacity per Winder 
-Tension Stand:
  Drag Type 
  Recoiler Feed Table 
  20" Dia. Drum w/Risers for 24"
  Hydraulic Expansion and Gripper 
  Hydraulic Pushoff 
  Overarm Separator 
  Lufkin Main Gearbox w/7.7:1 ratio
    Rated at 649 HP, 5.2 SF
  Two (2) Speed H & S Gearbox w/3:1 and 1:1 Ratios, 1.13 SF
  150 HP DC Motor, 650/1900 RPM 
-Exit Coil Car:
  Mast Type 
  Floor Mounted 
  Self Contained Hydraulics 
  Powered Lift and Traverse 
  Coil Stabilizing Arm 
  Pendant Control 
  Cable Reel 
-Exit Turnstile:
  Two (2) Arms x 50,000# Each Arm 
  Powered Rotation 
  Slotted for C-Hook 
  Provision for a Pulloff Assembly 
-Electrical Controls:
  AC & DC Control Cabinets 
  Drives new in 2016 
-Control Consoles:
  Main Operators Console 
  Machine Mounted Auxiliary Operators Stations 
-Slitter Tooling:
  Separator Tooling 
-Two (2) Hydraulic Power Units