72" x 0.250" x 80,000# Herr Voss Cut To Length Line



Stock #

Not specified


Toledo, Ohio
United States


Max Weight 80000 pounds
Max Coil Width Capacity 72 inches

Equipped With

Materials:                       HRS, CRS, P/O, HSLA
Coil Width Range:                36" - 72"
Thickness Range:                 0.090" - 0.250"
Maximum Shear:                   50,000 PSI
Maximum Yield:                   65,000 PSI
Max. Coil Weight:                80,000#
Coil I.D.:                       20" - 36"
Max. Coil O.D.:                  80"
Line Direction:                  Right to Left
Sheet Length:                    36" - 20' (within Tampers)
Sheet Length:                    36" - 30' (within Exit Conveyor)
Sheet Length:                    36" - 40' (with special handling)
Mode of Operation:               Start / Stop
Line Speed:                      0 - 150 FPM
Max. Finished Bundle:            20,000# @ 20'
Consisting of the following:
-Entry Coil Storage Ramp:
  Three (3) Coils x 80,000 each
  Floor Mounted
-Coil Elevator:
  Pit Mounted
  Powered Lift
  Floor Mounted
  Double Cone Type
  Hydraulic Feedup Motor - Each Side
  Wichita Water Cooled Brake - Each Side
  Slide Base - each head (Cylinders rebuilt in 2019)
  Water Cooler for Brake
-Feedup Assist Assembly:
  Floor Mounted
  Holddown with Powered Snubber Roll
  Tail Guard
-Peeler Unit:
  Extending / Grasshopper Type
-Corrective Leveler:
  VKL 84/3.500-17/5, 4 HI, RH
  Powered Entry Pinch Rolls
  Seventeen (17) Work Rolls in an 8/9 Configuration
  Work Rolls are currently 3.443" Diameter
  Five (5) Flights of Adjustable Backup Rolls
  4 HI Configuration
  200 HP DC Motor
  Machine Mounted Controls
-Carryover Table to Shear:
  Powered Side Guides
  Fixed Upper Deflector Roll
  Powered Bottom Feed Roll
-High Speed Shear:
  Down-cut Mechanical Actuation
  Single Rate Blade
  Manual Gap Adjust
  40 HP AC Motor
  Wichita Clutch
  "Slide-Out" Drop Type
  Powered "Kick-Out" Rolls into Stacker
  Powered Side Tampers
  Powered End Stop
  Split Powered Roller Conveyor
-End Discharge Conveyor:
  Idler Roller Top
  Four (4) Braking Sections
  60' Long x 46" Wide
-Hydraulic System:
  Central Hydraulic Power Unit
  Valve Bank
  AC/DC Cabinets
  Parker DC Drive (New in 2012)
  Misc. Transformers
-Misc. Operators Control Consoles:
  Main Console with Touch Screen Controls
-Drawings and Manuals
-Spare Parts:
  Uncoiler Wear Plates
  Four (4) New Corner Jacks for the Leveler
  Spare DC Motor for Leveler
  Spare Distribution Box for Leveler (completely rebuilt)
  Thirty-Five (35) Usable Spindles for Gearbox (some used some new)
  Thirteen (13) Work Rolls (3.400" Diameter, need to be reground)
  Ninety-Five Backup Bearings (6.218" Diameter)
  Ten (10) Leveler Backup Bearing Flight Blocks
  Spare Motor for Shear
  Two (2) Spare Blades for Shear
  Spare Guide Rolls for Stacker
-Under Power