63" Kampf Foil Slitting Line STOCK #3712



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Toledo, Ohio
United States


Equipped With

63" Wide used Kampf Conslit US106 cantilevered slitter rewinder
Maximum rewind diameter of 24". 
Rewind shaft unloader for finished rolls. The slitting section is shear 
cut slitting with dovetail mounted Tidland pneumatic knife holders. 
The cantilevered rewind will accommodate a 24" diameter rewound 
roll with pneumatic top riding rolls. The pullrolls and idlers are rubber 
covered with diamond cut. Automatic rewind taper/tension control., the 
machine comes with a pair of Goldenrod direct friction air differential 3" 
rewind shafts. Top riding rolls are pneumatically loaded. Finished rolls are 
off loaded onto the doffing tree. A three motor, DC drive runs this machine to 
speeds up to 1500 FPM, main drive is 10HP and two 10HP rewind drives. Controls 
are Alen Bradley PLC with a operator interface through a key pad, LCD display. 
It comes equipped with an separate unwind for diameters to 40". One pneumatic
3" and 6" diameter unwind shaft. The unwind has an automatic fife edge guide 
with +/- 2" travel. Automatic  unwind tension control. Air cooled unwind brake. 
Hydraulic lift for the unwind roll. Included are all the back up programs for 
the Kampf