60" x 7.00" x 50,000# Paxson Slitting Line STOCK# 3696



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Toledo, Ohio
United States


Equipped With

60" x 50,000# Paxson Slitting Line
Driven Loop / Injector Head
Material Processed:                     CR, Galv. Aluminum & Painted 
Maximum Entry Width:                    60"
Maximum Entry Weight:                   50,000 lbs.
Maximum Exit Weight:                    45,000 lbs.
Coil ID Range Entry:                    20" to 30" 
Coil ID Range Exit:                     20" to 24" 
Line Speed:                             500 FPM 
Line Direction:                         Uncoiler: Left to Right 
                                        Recoiler: Right to Left
Consisting of the following:
-Entry L Type Coil Car:
  Self-Contained Hydraulics
  Retractable Cable Reel
-Mandrel Type Uncoiler: Braner
  S/N: UC-4516
  50,000# Capacity
  Hydraulic Expansion
  Pumpkin Tooth Drum
  Threading Drive
  Water Cooled Brake 
  Slide Base
  Overarm Holddown 
-Peeler Table:
-Injector Head Type Slitter:
  7" Dia. Arbors 
  (2) Heads 
  Entry Side Guides
  100 HP DC Motor, 1750 RPM
  In-Line Reducer w/5.952:1 Ratio
-Tension Stand:
  Combination Roll and Pad Type
  Entry and Exit Separator Tooling Shafts 
  Drag Type Tension Unit w/Air Bladder
  16" Diameter Urethane Coated Rolls 
  Hydraulic Motor Threading Drive
  (2) Wichita Water Cooled Brakes 
  Exit Hydraulic Crop Shear
-(2) Scrap Winders:
   Hydraulic Motor Driven
   Powered Scrap Dump
   Oscillate Wind
  S/N: 11349-7-8
  20" Dia. Drum w/24" pads
  Powered Clamp and Expansion
  Overarm Separator 
  Hydraulic Pushoff 
  150 HP Main Motor, 850 to 2000 RPM
  Main Gear Box w/5:1 Ratio
  Secondary Reducer w/10.8:1 Ratio
-Outboard Bearing Support:
-Exit Coil Car: 
  Self-Contained Hydraulics
  Retractable Cable Reel