60" x 10.00" x 40,000# Paxson Slitting Line



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Toledo, Ohio
United States


Max Width of Workpiece 60 inches

Equipped With

Width:                60"
Weight Capacity:      40,000 lb.
Coil I.D.:            20" - 24"
Coil O.D.:            72"
Line Speed:           130 and 390 FPM 
Line Direction:       Right to Left
Mode of Operation:    Pull Thru & Drive Assist
Cut Charts Available
Consisting of the following:
-Entry L Type Coil Car:
  Self-Contained Hydraulic Power Unit
  Hydraulic Lift & Travel
  20" - 24" Hydraulic Expansion
  4 Segment Pumpkin Tooth Mandrel
  Overarm Holddown - Powered
  Slide Base
  Hydraulic Motor Feedup
  Water Cooled Brake
-Hydraulic Peeler Table:
-Slitter Entry Unit:
  Driven Pinch Rolls
  Independent Manual Adj. Roller Side Guides
  Roller Crop Shear
-Slitter Head:
  Removable Type, (1) Head
  Over Arbor Outboard - Can Travel in to 36" Wide
  150 HP DC Motor, 1750/2000 RPM, 500 V
  Reducer w/60.7:1 ratio
  Pinion Stand
-Hydraulic Lift Table for Threading:
  20" Dia. x 65" Face Drum
  Hydraulic Grip & Expand
  Overarm Separator
  100 HP DC Motor 650/1950 RPM, 500 V
  Integral Reducer w/24:1 ratio
  2 Speed Drive-All Transmission w/1:1 and 3:1 ratios
-Exit "L" Type Coil Car:
  Holddown Arm
  Keeper Arms
  Strapping Slots in Base
  Self-Contained Hydraulic Power Unit
  Hydraulic Lift and Travel
-2 Arm Turnstile:
 Power Rotation
-(2) Heavy Duty Scrap Winders:
  Opposed Cones
  Level Wind
  Auto Dump
  Hydraulic Motor Drive
-Slitter Tooling:
-Operators Panels:
-Hydraulic Power Unit:
-Line is installed and under power