60" x 0.105" x 40,000# Herr Voss Cut To Length Line stock# 3733

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Toledo, Ohio
United States


Equipped With

Material:                  Galv. Stainless, Aluminum
Capacity:                  40,000 lbs.
Width:                     60"
Gauge Range:               0.020" - 0.105"
Coil I.D.:                 20" to 24"
Coil O.D.:                 84"
Line Speed:                200 FPM
Line Direction:            Left to Right
Consisting of the following:
-Entry 4 Arm Turnstile:
  Self Contained Hydraulic Power Unit
  Hydraulic Lift & Travel
-"L" Type Coil Car:
  Self Contained Hydraulic Power Unit
  Hydraulic Lift & Travel
-Paper / Plastic Winder
-Mandrel Uncoiler:
  Powered Overarm Holddown Roll
  Slide Base
  Hydraulic Feedup
  Water Cooled Brake
  Hydraulic Expansion
-Peeler Table:
  Hydraulic Articulating Blade
-Herr Voss Precision Leveler:
  Model:  VKL 72/1.500-19/7 - 6 HI
  Chromed Rolls
-Crop Shear:
  Hydraulic Down Cut
-Pit Cross Over Catenary Table:
  Squaring Guides
  Roller Top / Non Marking Tables
-Paper / Plastic Applicator
-Servo Feed
-High Speed Mechanical Shear:
  Over Driven
  Down Cut Design
-Runout Conveyor
-20' Stacker
-The line can be inspected under power.