48" x 7.00" x 20,000# PAXSON SLITTING LINE STOCK# 3466



Stock #



Toledo, Ohio
United States


Max Width of Workpiece 48 inches

Equipped With

48" x 7.00" x 20,000# Paxson Slitting Line
Consisting of:
  20" I.D.
  Hydraulic Wedge-Type Expansion, 17" - 21" Exp. Range (approx.)
  48" Face Mandrel
  Sliding Base
  15 HP Reliance DC Motor, 850/2550 RPM, 500 V
  Disc Type Brake
  Dodge Reducer w/11.4:1 Ratio Thru Sprockets w/3:1 Ratio
    (Total Reduction approx. 34.2:1)
  Self-Contained Hydraulics,
    5 HP AC Motor, 1750 RPM, 220/440 V
  Passline: 43.5" from Floor to Center of Mandrel
  Overall Size: 164" L x 57" W x 68" High
-Slitter Head:
  7" Dia. x 49.5" Face Arbors
  Parallel Arbor Adjustment
  Entry Passline Rolls, 5" Dia. x 51" Face, Rubber Covered
  Entry Side Guides, Manual Adjustment
  20 HP AC Motor Threading Drive, 1760 RPM, 220/440 V
  Foote Bros. Reducer w/38.4:1 Ratio
  40" Passline Height
  Powered Opening of Outboard Housing for Tooling Change
  Overall Size: 222" L x 48" W x 69" High
-Scrap Winder:
  Manual Scrap Eject
  Oscillate Wind
  AC Drive Motor
  20" Dia. x 52" Face Drum
  Spare Drum, 16" Dia. x 53" Face
  Manual Clamp and Expansion
  7.5" Dia. Main Shaft
  Hydraulic Pushoff
  Overarm Separator
  64" O.D. Max.
  50 HP Reliance DC Motor, 850/2550 RPM, 500 V, w/Blower
  Foote Brothers Reducer w/31.4:1 ratio, rated at 76.5 HP at 1750 RPM IN
  Self-Contained Hydraulic Power Unit, 5 HP AC Motor
  Passline: 41" from Floor to Center of Drum
  Overall Size: 213" L x 62" W x 69" High
-No Electrics
-Line Direction: Left To Right
-Removed and in Storage: Toledo, OH.