36" x 0.075" 20,000# Iowa Precision Cut To Length Line


Stock #



Toledo, Ohio
United States


Max Weight 20000 pounds
Max Coil Width Capacity 36 inches
Max Stock Thickness Capacity At Full Width 0.075 inches

Equipped With

Iowa Precision Universal Coil Processor
Model:  FTS3614
Capacity:  36" x 14 Gauge (0.075") Mild Steel  
Line Direction:  Right to Left
Consisting of:
-Entry Coil Car:
  Model: CC020
  20,000# Capacity
  Serial #CC7914
  Powered Lift and Traverse
  Overall Size: 48" L x 38" W x 42" High
  Model:  20-48
  20,000# Capacity
  Serial No.:  UC79027
  Expansion Range:  18" - 24"
  Hydraulic Expansion
  Loop Control Arm
  Overall Size: 114" L x 60" W x 82" High
-Main Slear Unit:
  Entry Passline Roll
  Roller Edge Guides, Manual Width Adjustment
  Slitter Head 
    Mounted on Entry side of Straightener 
    Entry Pinch Rolls 
    6 Straightening Rolls, 3 over 3, W/Backups
    Hardened & Ground Rolls
  Exit Pinch Rolls (Measuring Rolls)
  Exit Catenary Rolls
  Overall Size: 98" L x 86" W x 72" High
-Roller Conveyor Section:
  Overall Size: 144" L x 46" W x 52" High
-Punching and Notching Unit w/Shear:
  Entry Catenary Rolls
  Entry Pinch Rolls
  4 Punching / Notching Stations 
    2 on each side before Air Ram Shear
  Air Ram 4 Post Die Section
    36" Wide Capacity
    Hydraulic Operation
    36" Wide Capacity
  Overall Size: 112" L x 79" W x 72" High
-Scissor Lift Exit Conveyor:
  Conveyor Roller Top
  Overall Size: 144" L x 46" W x 40" High
-Scrap Winder:
  Oscillate Wind
  Hydraulic Power Unit
  Overall Size: 80" L x 53" W x 61" High
-Operators Control Panel:
  Overall Size: 30" L x 24" W x 48" High
-Electrical Cabinet with Unico Analog Drive System:
  Overall Size: 36" L x 20" W x 72" High
-Line was designed as a Looping Line with Pit 
  (Currently No Pit required. Ran at 90 - 100 FPM)
-Line Speed:  125 FPM Max.
-Drawings are included.