32" x 5.00" x 10,000# Stamco Slitting Line STOCK#3221



Stock #

Not specified


Toledo, Ohio
United States


Max Width of Workpiece 32 inches
Max Thickness of Workpiece (in.) 5.00 inches
Weight 10000 pounds

Equipped With

-Coil Weight:              10,000 lbs.
-Width:                    2" to 32" 
-Coil O.D.:                70" O.D. Entry
                           64" O.D. Exit
-Thickness:                0.010" to 0.105" 
-Line Speed:               Right to Left 
-Speeds:                   50 to 345 FPM (Bare Drum Speed)
                           600 FPM (Coil Build-up Speed)
Consisting of the following:
-Stamco Uncoiler:
  Hydraulic Link-Type Expansion 
  16" to 20" ID Range with pads 
  4 Segment Mandrel 
  33" Face Mandrel 
  Band Brake with Hydraulic Adjustment
  Sliding Base
  Self-Contained Hydraulic Power Unit
  48" Passline from Floor to center of Mandrel 
  70" O.D. Capacity 
  Overall Size: 140" L x 70" W x 66" High
-Entry Passline Rolls:
  4" Dia. x 34.5" Face
-Entry Side Guide Rolls:
  Manual Adjustment 
-Entry Driven Pinch Rolls:
  4" Dia. x 34" Face
  1.5 HP AC Gearmotor Drive
-(2) Slitter Heads:
  Crane Removal Type Heads
  5" Dia. x 33" Face Width Arbors 
  Double Eccentric Arbor Adjustment
  15 HP GE DC Motor, 1175 RPM, 208-220/440 V 
  Right Angle Reducer W/50.1:1 Ratio
  Exit Scrap Guide
  47" Passline
  Overall Size: 164" L x 77" W x 72" High
-Tension Stand:
  Pad Drag Type
  48" wide Pads
  Manual screw adjustment for pressure 
  Overall Size: 70" L x 62" W x 65" High
-Stamco Recoiler:
  S/O: 15358
  Machine No.: 2361
  20" Dia. x 35" Face Drum 
  Manual Clamp and Expansion 
  44.5" Passline from Floor to center of Drum
  Hydraulic Pushoff 
  Overarm Separator 
  64" O.D. Capacity
  30/40 HP Westinghouse DC Motor w/MG Set
    575/1725 RPM, 230 V 
  Thru Reducer w/26.05:1 Ratio
  Electric Holding Brake
  Powered lubrication for Gearbox
  Overall Size: 134" L x 84" W x 77" High
-Exit 3 Arm Turnstile:  Stamco 
  10,000# Capacity Each Arm
  Manual Rotation
  Approx. 42" useable Arm Length
  C-Hook Type Arms w/5.5" W x 6" High Slot
  Passline: 53.5" from Floor to top of Arms
  Overall Size: 114" L x 97" W x 80" High
-Scrap Winder: North Central Machine
  Approx. 30" Dia. x 24" Wide Scrap Ball 
  Hydraulic Motor Driven 
  Clam Shell Type Open/Close thru Hydraulic Cylinder 
  Hydraulic Cylinder Operated Scrap Oscillating Guide 
  Self -Contained Hydraulic Power Unit
  Overall Size: 77" L x 60" W x 77" High 
-Main Electrical Controls:
-Main Operators Control Panel:
  Overall Size: 48" L x 34" W x 39" High
-Slitter Tooling:
  Knives, Spacers & Rubbers
-Removed and in storage; Toledo, OH.