32" x 0.078" x 11,000# Atkin Cut To Length Line STOCK# 3744



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Very Good


Toledo, Ohio
United States


Equipped With

YEAR: 1996

Materials: Pre-Painted Steel, Pre-Painted Aluminum
Material Width Range: 6" - 32"
Thickness Range: 0.009" - 0.078" @ 70 - 100 FPM (Approx.)
Thickness Range: 0.009" - 0.039" @ 140 FPM
Maximum Tensile: 50,000 PSI (Approx.)
Maximum Yield: 50,000 PSI (Approx.)
Maximum Coil Weight: 11,000#
Coil I.D.: 16" - 20"
Maximum Coil O.D.: 60"
Line Direction: Left to Right
Pass Line: 42"
Length Accuracy: 0.0078"
Sheet Length: 4 - 78"
Max. Stack Height/Weight: 20" / 2,200#
Mode of Operation: Loop / Grip Feed
Line Speed: 0 - 140 FPM
20" Blanks: 65 per minute
78" Sheets: 17 per minute

Consisting of the following:

Single Mandrel Type
Powered Expansion
Powered Feedup
Disc Brake
Front Loop Control

Entry Cantenary Table
Manual Entry Side Guides
Powered Entry Pinch Rolls
Seven (7) Work Rolls in 3/4 Configuration
Powered Exit Pinch Rolls
Manual Exit Side Guides
Machine Mounted Controls
30 HP Motor

-Loop Section:
Entry Cantenary Table
Track Mounted Cross Over Table
Exit Cantenary Table
Inspection Table

-Roll Feed Unit:
Mounted to Shear
Manual Entry Side Guides
Capable of 330 FPM

-High Speed Shear:
Down Cut Type
Single Rake Blade

-Runout Table:
Powered Belt Conveyor Top

"Slide-Out" Type
Manual Width Adjustment
Manual End Stop
Powered Scissor Lift Table with Side Discharge

-AC/DC Control Cabinet

-Main Operators Control Console:
Indramat CTA4 Controller

-Hyraulic Power Unit

-Drawing and Manuals