12 Stand 30.00" x 4.00" Bradbury Rollforming Line STOCK #3035



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Toledo, Ohio
United States


Equipped With

-Model:  D3-30-12 
-Number of Stands:  12 
-Roll Space:  30" 
-Arbor Diameter:  4" 
-Arbor Center to Center Distance:  28" 
-Upper Arbor Adjustment:  6 1/2" 
-Line Speed:  80 FPM 
-Overall Line Length:  110' 
-Line Direction L-R
-9" H x 2.75" Flange "Zee Purlin" Tooling - 12 Ga.-16 Ga. Thick
-6.5" H x 2.50" Flange "Zee Purlin" Tooling - 12 Ga. - 16 Ga. Thick 
Consisting of the following:
-Bradbury Powered Uncoiler with Coil Car:
  Model:  420-36 
  Coil Capacity:  10,000 lbs.
  Coil Width:  36" 
  Coil I.D. Range:  17.5" - 25" x 60" OD 
  Pneumatic Holddown 
  Loop Control 
  15 HP Main Drive with Electric Brake 
  Sliding Base 
  Hydraulic Expansion
  Hydraulic Lift & Travel  
-Bradbury Powered Straightener:
  Model:  RS4-25-5 
  Number of Rolls:  5 
  Powered Driven Pinch Rolls
  4" Diameter Straightening Rolls 
  25" Maximum Width 
  2 Speed Reducer 
  7.5 HP Main Motor  
-Digital Length Control:
  2 Presets, One for Length and Batch 
-Lee Schafer Shear end Welder:
  Model:  H40F 
  0.028"-0.134" Thickness Capacity
  Hydraulic squaring shear and Welding clamps 
  Auto Tig Weld Cycle 
  Adjustable Side Guides 
-Heim S100-30-80 Straight Side notch and Pre-Punch Press:
  Capacity:  100 Tons 
  Bed Area:  80" x 30" 
  10 HP Main Motor 
  Punch Die with Manual Gauges to change pattern 
  Air Clutch 
-3 Drum Air Actuated Accumulator:
  Allows Rollformer to run continuous during punchng sequence.
-Bradbury Rollformer:
  12 Stand x 30" Roll Space 
  4" Arbor Shafts 
  7" - 13.50" Vertical Adjustment 
  28" Horizontal Center Distance 
  60 HP Drive Motor, 1750 RPM 
  4 Speed Transmission 2.6/1.9/1.33/1.00:1 
  Air Clutch/Brake 
  All Lower Arbors Power Driven 
  Upper Arbor Stands 1, 2, 11, 12 Power Driven 
-Heim 7A Cutoff Press:
  70 Ton OBI 
  Tooled with Flying Cutoff Die 
  Air Cylinder Die Return 
  4 Total Dies 
-30' Runout Conveyor
  Dump Section with pins 
-Complete control system with oporators desk