0.500" x 6' PRO ECO CTL SHEAR #3345



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Toledo, Ohio
United States


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Mechanical Shear with Automatic Gap Control 
For Use in Cut-to-Length Line
Type:                      Down-cut 
Strip Thickness:           0.060" - 0.500" (Mild Steel)
Blade:                     Carbon Steel Knife, Single Rake 
Blade Gap Control:         Motorized 
Lubrication:               Centralized and Manual Grease 
Kick out Roll:             Hydraulic Gear Motor 
The Shear consists of the main housing, over driven clutch/brake 
flywheel arrangement, camshaft, sliding frame, top and bottom blade
holder, gap control and kick-out roll assembly.
Main Housing:
The main housing and base are of fabricated steel construction.  The 
housing incorporates cam rollers to support and guide the sliding frame
in its travel.  The main housing also supports the camshaft, clutch and 
brake assembly and drive.
Blade Holders:
The upper and lower blade holders are of heavy steel plate construction,
machined to accept the blade.  The (upper) sliding frame is connected 
to the camshaft via pitmans running in large bronze bushings.
The alloy precision machined camshaft is supported in roller bearings in the
housing and, in turn supports the clutch-brake and flywheel assembly.  The 
camshaft drives the pitmans which give the vertical motion to the sliding 
Automatic Gap Control:  
The blades will automatically be set, by input from the PLC, to the 
proper clearance for the material being processed.  An operator override 
is provided.
The Flywheel is driven via vee belts and a pulley mounted on the drive motor.
The flywheel has the clutch/brake assembly mounted to it which when actuated 
will turn the camshaft to initiate the cut cycle.
Kickout Rolls:
Pinch Rolls are mounted ahead of the shear blades to assist transporting the 
tail of the strip through the shear.  The rolls run in grease lubricated 
bearings and are supported in fabricated steel housings.
The lower roll is full width and the upper roll partial width, pivoted up 
and down through a pneumatic cylinder.  The lower roll is driven via a hydraulic 
This shear is controlled by a rotary electronic limit switch blade position 
system.  The cut signal when received from the measuring control system 
will initiate the shear cycle.  After the cut, the shear will cycle back 
to its ready position.
Hydraulic Power:
Hydraulic Supply from Main Power Unit.