72" x 10.00" x 60,000# Cincinnati Driven Loop Slitting Line


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Toledo, Ohio
United States


Max Width of Workpiece 72 inches

Equipped With

Materials:                          HRS, CRS, Galv.
Coil Width Range:                   12" - 72"
Thickness Range:                    0.024 - 0.375"
Max. Shear:                         45,000 PSI
Max. Yield:                         45,000 PSI
Max. Coil Weight:                   60,000#
Coil I.D. (Entry):                  20" - 24"
Coil I.D. (Exit):                   20" & 24"
Max. Coil O.D.:                     72"
Line Direction:                     Left to Right
Mode of Operation:                  Pull-thru/ Slitter Assist
Approx. Line Speeds:                100/200/300 FPM @ 24" Dia. Bare Drum Speed
Required Floor Space:               50' x 90' (approx.)

Consisting of the following:

-Entry Turnstile:
  Three (3) arms x 60,000# per arm
  Powered Rotation
  Slotted for C-Hooks

-Entry Coil Car:
  Mast Type
  Floor Mounted
  Self-contained Hydraulic Unit
  Powered Lift and Traverse
  Cable Reel
  Single Mandrel Type
  Powered Expansion
  Hold-down with Powered Snubber Roll
  Wichita Water Cooled Brake with Cooler
  Slide Base
  Feed-up Drive
-Entry Unit:                               
  Extending Blade Type Peeler
  Entry Pass-line Roll
  Manual Side Guides
  Powered Entry Pinch Rolls
  Crop Shear- Down-cut Type
  Carry-over Table

-Two (2) Slitter Heads:                      
  Crane Removable Type
  10" Diameter Arbors
  Powered Outboard Retraction
  Powered Top Arbor Adjust
  "Over the Arbor" design to slit 36" through 72" widths
-Stationary Slitter Drive Base:                                      
  75 HP DC Motor (650/1950 RPM)
  H & S Speed Reducer (27.43:1 Ratio)
  Powered Head Lock
-Pit Section:
  Mounted to Tension Stand
  Entry Pass-line Roll
  Carry-over Table        
-Tension Stand: Coil Pro, New in 2000                                      
  Drag Type
  Clam Shell Opening
  Separator Arm on Slide-out Frame
  Internal Deflector Rolls
  Exit Crop Shear- Down-cut Type
  Recoiler Feed Table
-Two (2) Scrap Winders:                                   
  Automatic Scrap Dump
  Level Wind
  Chicago Recoiler Drum, New in 2008
 20" Dia. Drum
  Hydraulic Expansion and Gripper
  Hydraulic Push-off 
  Internal Gear Reduction: approx. 50:1
  100 HP DC Motor (650/1950 RPM)
  Drive-all Reducer with three (3) speeds
    Ratios - 1:1, 1.562:1 and 3:1
  Bolt-on Risers for 24" ID
-Overarm Separator Assembly:
  Floor Mounted
  Banding Assist Arm

-Exit Coil Car:
  Mast Type
  Floor Mounted
  Self-contained Hydraulic Unit
  Powered Lift and Traverse
  Narrow Coil Retaining Tracks
  Cable Reel

-Entry Turnstile:
  Two (2) arms x 60,000# per arm
  Powered Rotation
  Powered Push-off
  Slotted for C-Hooks

-Electrical Controls: New in 2006                                            
  Main Operators Control Panel with Touch Screen Control
  AC/DC Control Cabinets
  Eurotherm 590+ DC Drives

-Hydraulic System:

-Tooling: Shimless
  Multiple sets of Tooling
  1" Knives new in 2019 (never used)
  Steel Spacers
  Separator Tooling
-New AC/DC Controls were added in 2006 at a cost of around $125,000.
-New Chicago Recoiler Drum was added in 2008 at a cost of around $150,000.
-Line is Installed