72" x 0.250" x 40,000# Herr Voss Cut To Length Line

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Coil Weight: 40,000 Lbs
Speed:? 150 FPM Max.
Line Direction: Left to Right

Consisting of the following:

-Herr Voss "L" Type Coil Car:
S/N: 19045-1
Coil Width:? 72"
Coil O.D.:? 72"
56" Platform width
Approx. 14" from Floor to bottom of "V" Cradle
Hydraulic Lift and Travel
6" Bore x 24" Stroke Hydraulic Cylinder
4" Dia. Camrolls
Self Contained Hydraulic Power Unit
5 HP AC Motor, 230/460 V
1750 PSI Hydraulic Pressure
Pendant Control
Retractable Cable Reel
Wheel Spacing: Approx. 71.5"
Overall Size: Approx. 88" L x 64" W x 78" High
8,000 Lbs.

-Herr Voss Mandrel Uncoiler:
S/N: 19045-2
Coil I.D. Range: 20" - 24"
Hydraulic Expansion
Pumpkin Tooth Segments
74.5" Face Mandrel
Powered Holddown Roll
72" Coil O.D. Max.
AC Motor Threading Drive with Air Clutch
Wichita Brake
Slide Base (Base missing, but can be provided)
Passline: Approx. 52" from Floor to center of Mandrel
Line Direction: Left to Right
Overall Size: Approx. 173" L x 84" W x 98" High

-Herr Voss Peeler Table:
48" Wide Top Platform
Hydraulic Cylinder Up/Down Travel
4" Bore x 29" Stroke
Hydraulic Cylinder In/Out Travel
4" Bore x 24" Stroke
Overall Size: Approx. 8' L x 4' W x 3'-6" High

-Mckay Straightener: (Ref# 9981)
0.375" Thickness Capacity
Entry Passline Roll
Entry Side Guides, Motorized Adjustment
Entry Driven Pinch Rolls - 12" Diameter
6 Work Rolls:? 3 over 3
8" Diameter Rolls
125 HP DC Motor, 1150 RPM
Right Angle Reducer w/16.3:1 Ratio
Pinion Box w/1:1 Ratio
Forced Lubrication

-Herr Voss Shear:
Model: 0608
S/N: 19046-10
72" x 0.250" Capacity (Mild Steel)
Mechanical Downcut Shear
AC Motor w/Belt Drive to Flywheel
Air Clutch