60" x 0.105" x 20,000# Rowe/Voss Cut To Length Line

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Toledo, Ohio
United States


Max Weight 20000 pounds
Max Coil Width Capacity 60 inches

Equipped With

-Width:  12" Min. - 60" Max.
-Material Thickness:  0.028" - 0.105" (0.125" on Leveler)
-Coil Weight: 20,000 Lbs.
-Line Direction: Left to Right
Consisting of the following:
-Coil Car:
  Model: BGY-20
  Serial Number:  19433
  44" Wide "V" cradle
  AC Motor Powered up/down, in/out
  Hand operated Pendant Control
  20" from Floor to bottom of "V" cradle
  3" High Riser for "V" cradle
  Overall Size: 72" L x 44" W x 29" High
  Model: 20060-DSV
  Serial Number:  19434
  20,000 lb. Capacity
  67" Face Mandrel
  AC Motor Powered Expansion
  (4) Expanding Segments
  AC Motor Threading Drive
  Powered Holddown Roll
  Passline: 49.5" from Floor to center of Mandrel
  Overall Size: 147" L x 66" W x 93" High
-Threading Table:
  Serial Number:  19435
  Serial Number:  19436
  Entry Passline Roll
  Entry Side Guides
  Entry Coil Breaker Rolls
  Straightening Rolls
  Common Drive with Leveler
-Edge Trimmer:
  Serial Number:  19437
  Double Stub Type
  Powered Width Adjustment
  Built-in Scrap Choppers
-Conveyor Section:
  Serial Number:  19438
-Precision Leveler: Herr Voss 6 HI
  Model 66-1.750-19-7-LH, 6HI
  Serial Number:  11438
  Capacity: 0.028" - 0.125"
  19 Work Rolls
  1.750" Dia. x 66" Face Rolls
  7 Flight of Back-ups
     5 Flights are Motorized
  60 HP DC Motor w/Blower
    1750 RPM, 500 V
  Cone Drive Right Angle Reducer w/5:1 ratio
  Line Speed: 0 - 160 FPM
  Overall Size: Leveler: 154" L x 62" W x 82" High
                         14,500 Lbs.
                  Drive: 72" L x 36" W x 54" High
                         3,500 Lbs.
-Hump Table:
  Serial Number:  19440
  Air operated Hump Adjustment
-High Speed Shear:  Wysong, New in 2004
  Model HS-1060-RKB
  Serial Number:  P80-150
  Capacity: 60" x 0.105"
  300 SPM
  15 HP AC Drive Motor
  Air Clutch and Brake
-Runout Belt Conveyor:
  Serial Number:  19442
  Manually Adjusted Length Control
  Twin Driven Belts
  Serial Number:  19443
  Roller Skate Wheel Sheet Support
  Powered Width Adjustment
  Powered Length Adjustment
  Side Discharge
-Exit Chain Conveyor: