48" x 6.00" x 20,000# Yoder Slitting Line



Stock #



Toledo, Ohio
United States


Max Width of Workpiece 48 inches
Max Thickness of Workpiece (in.) 0.125 inches

Equipped With

-Weight Capacity: 20,000# 
-Material Thickness: 0.008" - 0.125" Mild Steel
-Line Direction: Right to Left
Consisting of the following:
-2 Arm Storage Turnstile:  Yoder
-Combination Coil Car/Tipper:  Yoder/Braner
  Twin Hyd. Cylinders for Coil Lift
  Twin Hyd. Cylinders for Coil Tipping
  Self-Contained Hydraulics
-Uncoiler:  Yoder
  15.50" - 20" Hydraulic Expansion
  4 Segment Mandrel
  Hydraulic Sliding Base
  Water Cooled Brake
  Hydraulic Motor Threading Drive
-Edge Control:  Yoder
-Slitter Head:  Yoder
  Entry Side Guides, Manual Adjustment
  Entry Pinch Rolls
  6.00" Diameter Arbors
  Parallel Arbor Adjustment by Handwheel
  Exit Passline Rolls
  10 HP AC Motor Threading Drive
  Eddy Current Helper Drive
 -Tension Stand:  Custom
   Pneumatic Drag Wipe Type
   Entry Separator Tooling Bar
   Exit Pinch Rolls
-Paper Shooter: Yoder
-Recoiler:  Yoder
  20,000# Capacity
  16" Dia. Drum
  Manual Clamp and Expansion
  Hydraulic Pushoff
  Hydraulic Cylinder Controlled Overarm Separator
  50 HP Eddy Current Drive - New 2015
  2 Speed Gearbox w/17.7:1 and 35.5:1 ratios
-Scrap Winder:  Yoder
  1,500# Capacity
  Level Wind
  Self-Contained Hydraulics
-Hydraulic Power Unit:
-Slitter Tooling Included:
-Main Operators Panel:
-All Electrics are 575 Volt, 3 Phase
  Transformers included to run on 460 Volts
-Slitting Line came from a manufacturing plant was well maintained
  and used very little.  It was used almost exclusively on light
  gauge tinplate.
-All Electric Controls and Panels have been rewired.
-Line is removed and in storage