48" x 0.250" American Steel Line Cut To Length Line

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Equipped With

-Less Uncoiler (can be provided at extra cost)

-Straightener:? American Steel Line
Model? 5-5
Maximum Capacity: 12" Wide .500" Thick
24" Wide .375" Thick
48" Wide .250" Thick
Attached Powered Holddown Roll
8.5" Dia. x 41" Face Steel Roll
Hyd. Motor Driven
Peeler Blade, 41.5" Wide
Hyd. Cylinders for in / out and up / down Movement
Passline Rolls
Tail End Breaker
Entry Edge Guides, Manual Adjustment
Entry and Exit Driven Pinch Rolls
8" Dia. x 51" Face Width
5 Work Rolls, 2 over 3
5" Dia. x 51" Face Width
Hydraulic Cylinder adjustment of top pinch and work rolls
Exit Edge Guides, Manual Adjustment
Main Drive Motor: 40 HP, 1780 RPM, 600 V, Louis Allis Pacemaker
thru Gear Reducer
Passline Height is approx.:? 60"
Measuring Roll with Encoder
I-Beam Base: 160" L x 98" W
Overall Size:? 241" L x 106" W x 105" High

-Hydraulic Power Unit with (2) - 7.5 HP AC Motors,
and 2 Vickers Pumps, 575/600 V

-(2) Late Model Operators Control Panels

-Line Direction:? Left to Right