4" x 0.050" Coil Pro Skiving Line



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Toledo, Ohio
United States


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Material:                    SS, Carbon, Red Metals 
Alloy:                       Annealed - Full Hard 
Number of strands:           2 (at the same time)
Number of tooling stations:  2 
Gauge range:                 0.003" - 0.050" 
Width range:                 0.125" - 1.50" wide for (2) strands
                             4" max. width for (1) strand.
Line speed:                  1000 fpm 
Insert size:                 0.750"
Cooling method:              Compressed Air 
Overarm separator:           Pneumatic Control 
Capstan diameter:            12.00" dia.
No. Of Capstan drums:        6
Rewind drum diameter:        16.00" dia.
Consisting of:
The (2) payoffs are horizontal stands.  Material is stacked on a special skid,
separated with cardboard squares and placed on top of the stand.  The coils 
are payed off from the top coil down.  Back tension is generated by the 
weight of the coils.  This is a very simple yet effective method.
Edging Machine:
The Edging unit consists of:
-(2) entry strip guides
-(3) tensioning drums
-(1) edging head
-(3) pull drums
Entry Strip Guides:
The guides will position the strips as they enter the edger.
The guides will provide vertical and horizontal alignment.
Tensioning Drums:
The (3) tensioning drums provide braking against the (3) pull drums.
This is to provide adequate web tension on each strip as it is machined.
The first two drums are rubber coated and the third is cast iron. 
The third drum establishes the correct vertical pass line for the carbide
edging cutters.  To eliminate material slippage a braking roll is 
activated when the machine is running.
Edging Head:
Two edging stations are provided on a machined base.
The tooling configuration will be flexible to allow for (2) strips at a
time with (2) stations or (1) strip at a time with (2) stations with a 
max. width of 4.0".  This flexibility is necessary when edging heavier
gauge materials.  The tool holders will accept a 0.750" x 0.750" x 0.375"
thick carbide insert.  Compressed air will flow through the tool holder
and blow air directly on the point of cut.  This air system will not only
extend the life of the tool but, will help remove the chips generated
while machining.  The edging head will have large holes near the cutting
stations where the chips will fall.  A pan, located under the table, will
collect all chips. Automatically operated pneumatic felt wipe stations
will be located at the front and rear of the edging head for noise
Durant 7 Roll Straightener, 3 over 4 Rolls, Exit Pinch Rolls
Pull Thru Operation
Pull Drums and Braking Drums:
This system generates controlled tension at the edging head.  The tension system 
is designed to isolate itself from the rewind drum.  After leaving the last pull 
drum the line tension is zero.  This allows the operator to adjust the rewinder
with great sensitivity.  Without pull drums, the tension levels needed to edge 
would be greater than the required rewinding tensions, making it impossible 
to rewind narrow width materials.  The machine will have a total of (6) drums.
(4) of the drums will be rubber coated while the others will be cast iron.
The cast iron drums will be mounted directly before and after the edging head.
Cast iron is used to eliminate the chance of the strip welding to the drum.
All of the drums will be driven by a serpentine drive system.  This guarantees
the drums are all turning at the same rpm eliminating strip slippage, a common 
cause of surface imperfections.
The drive motor of the edger will drive the rewinder and tension will be 
regulated with a Horton TCC-10 pneumatic clutch.  An expandable 16" dia. Drum 
will be used.  An overarm separator unit will be placed in line to be used 
in lieu of plates.
Mechanical Specifications:
-All mechanical assemblies are located on a Blanchard ground surface.  
  Alignment is maintained with keyed motor mount plates.
-All bearings are piloted flange mount type.  All bearings nest in a bored
  hole.  This is a more expensive way to manufacture but guarantees alignment.
  This is critical because of the tension on the strip that this process creates.
  If the shaft alignment is not perfect, the strip will not maintain a straight 
  horizontal pass line.  This can impact your product and package quality.
-All lubrication points are plumbed back to a centralized lubrication manifold.
  This allows access for greasing.
-All mechanical drive systems are made of Gates Poly-Chain.  This is a timing 
  type belt with kevlar reinforcement.  This drive system requires zero 
  lubrication, does not stretch, and is extremely quiet.  
Electrical Specifications:
-20 hp ac vector motor - 1750 rpm, 480 volts, drip proof, self-ventilated
-Siemens 20 hp drive 
-Nema 12 enclosure with through door circuit breaker.
-Allen Bradley pushbuttons - start/stop/jog, speed pot, emergency stop,
  amperage meter and foot/minute meter.
-Dynamic Braking 
-Line direction: Right to Left
-Line is removed and in storage