2.000" x 0.095" Yoder Tube Mill


Model M2

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Toledo, Ohio
United States


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-Hand of Operation:  Right to Left and Left to Right Mills Avail.

-Model Number:  Model M2

-Shaft Diameter:  2"

-Roll Space:  13"

-Maximum Tube Diameter:  2.25"

-Minimum Tube Diameter:  0.500"

-Maximum Wall:  0.095" Mild Steel

-Minimum Wall:  0.018" Mild Steel

-Rebuilt by Yoder in 2003 / Idled in 2009


Consisting of the following:


-Dual Mandrel Uncoilers:

  4,000 lb. Capacity each

  Pneumatic Braking

  Powered Carousel Type

  Hydraulic Expansion

  Full Diameter Back Plate and Keepers


-Shear & End Welder:

  Manual Clamping

  Manual Shear

  Welding is automated


-Overhead Accumulator Tower:

  Entry and Exit Bridles

  Winch System


-Embossing Mill Stand:

  1-Entry Roller Guide, Vertical Adjustment and Horizontal.

  Forming Mill:

   1-Entry Strip Guide Table with Horizontal and Vertical Strip Control.

   3-Yoder M2 Driven Breakdown Stands with 2" Shafts (Single Point Adj)

   3-Yoder Idle Side Roll Stands

   3-Yoder M2 Driven Fin Stands with 2" Shafts (Single Point Adjustment)

   2-Yoder Idle Sideroll Stands

   1-60 HP DC Main Motor


-Weld Area:

  1-Tube Seam Guide with 2 Axis Adjustment

  1-Emmedi 100KW Solid State Welder

  1-Weld Bead Scarfing Station

  1-Weld Bead Scrap Chop and Vaccum System

  1-Ironing Stand


-Coolant Zone:

  1-4' Trough Type Coolant Zone with Full Quench


-Sizing Mill:

  4-Driven Yoder M2 Sizing Stands with 2" Shafts (Single Point Adj)

  3-Yoder Idle Sideroll Stands

  1-ID Scarfing Stand

  1-Turks Head

  1-60 HP DC Main Motor



 1-40 Ton Alpha 4 Post Cutoff

  1-Length Control System

  1-Runout Table





Price is per tube mill, there are 2 complete lines installed.

Price does not include removal or loading.