1,500# Progressive Recoiler



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Toledo, Ohio
United States


Equipped With

-Maximum Coil Weight:      1,500 lbs.
-Core Size:                2" and 5" 
-Maximum Line Speed:       750 FPM 
-Strip Tension Range:
  with Tension Stand:      5 - 60 lbs.
  Bypassing Stand:         60 - 175 lbs.
-5 HP Rotational Motor 
-Parker SSD Drive 
-Hydraulic Traverse 
-Belt Driven 
-Giddings and Lewis Controls 
-The Guide Arm apparatus included with this machine.
-Pneumatic Tension Dancer:
  The dancer raises the pass line for optimum entry to the guide system. 
  The strip passes over the two top stationary rotating cylinders and then 
  wraps around the movable bottom cylinder. The pneumatic cylinder supplies 
  the tension to the strip as the winder adjusts speed to maintain the dancer's 
  position. This arrangement is ideal for the low strip tensions (4 - 60 pounds) 
  necessary to accurately wind light gauge material. Heavier gauge material is 
  wound bypassing the dancer; as the winder's motor supplies direct torque strip 
  tension to 150 pounds.
  Simplicity of operation is coupled with sophisticated winding patterns to 
   consistently produce beautiful coils. Coil data, including material size, 
   tension and wind speed are entered through the HMI data screen. Setup screens 
   allow the coil positioning and edge control prior to winding. Pressing start 
   loads the parameters and calculates the coil's winding profile. As the coil 
   winds, pattern changes and on-the fly edge changes assure a good coil is 
   always wound.