10,000# x 72" Braner/Ranger Banding Line Components

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Toledo, Ohio
United States


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Consisting of the following:
-Downlayer:  Braner
  10,000 Lb. x 72" O.D. Capacity
  Compound Tilt 
  3.5" Dia. x 76.25" Face Driven Rolls
   1" Hex Shafts
   Hyd. Motor Driven Rolls
  82" x 75" Top
  Hydraulic Actuated Horn, Approx. 20" Long
  (2) - 5.75" Dia. Hyd. Tilt Cylinders
  Approx. 61" Passline to top of Horn in raised position
  Approx. 56" Passline to top of conveor in lowered position
  (Passline can be lowered approx. approx. 23" by removing I-Beam Riser)
  Right Angle Discharge
-Split Conveyor Section: 
  Slot down center for O.D. Grab
  2.625" Dia. Rolls, Both sides driven
  Chain driven by AC Motor thru reducer
  80" between guards
  57" Passline Height (can be lowered)
  Overall Size: 102" L x 99" W
-No Banding Head / Table 
  (Manual Table available at extra cost)
-Ranger Automatic Stacker:
  Gantry Type 
  O.D. Grab
  13' Conveyor Section 
  3.5" Dia. x 83" Face Rolls
  Powered Rolls
  (2) Coil Centering Arms
  Limit Switch Stop, Positioned by Hyd. Cylinder
  54" Passline Height
  (Stacker frame is in Detroit)
-Skid Storage Conveyor: 
  S/N P73075
  3.5" Dia. x 54" Face Rolls
   1.25" Dia. Shafts
  AC Motor Drive thru Reducer
  30" Passline from floor to top of rolls
  Overall Size:  75" L x 62" W

-Skid Banding Section: Ranger (Sold)
  Model SB-10-72
  S/N R73076
  3.5" Dia. Conveyor Rolls
   1.25" Dia. Shafts
  Hyd. Drive for conveyor rolls
  Hyd. Drive for horizontal rotation
   Turnstile Type Bearing w/extranal gear
  Overall Size:  69" L x 59" W
  31" Passline from floor to top of rolls
-Scale Conveyor 
  Model SC-10-72
  S/N R73077
  3.5" Dia. x 54" Face Rolls
   1.25" Dia. Shafts
  Driven by 1 HP AC Motor thru reducer
   1730 RPM, 230/460 V
  Rice Lake Scale with Fairbanks Digital Readout
  32" Passline from floor to top of conveyor
  Overall Size:  74" x 75"